The finger is broken

Possible causes: 
1.1 Poor layout of the cable top or rolling of the chain has broken the finger. Check out the suitability of the gypsy to work with the finger.

1.1 Replace the finger.
1.2 In the event that the gypsy cannot work properly with the finger, position the replacement kit (cap).


The electric engine runs, the shaft rotates Up, but does not rotate Down

Possible causes: 
1.1 The chain locker is tangled; therefore, the emergency mechanism becomes operative.
1.2 The chain is of poor quality with burrs and zinc deposits that do not allow  the free flow of the 
       links; therefore, the emergency mechanism becomes  operative.
1.3 The chain was placed in the locker in block and the links are stuck with each  other; therefore, 
        the emergency mechanism becomes operative.
1.4 Wear of the emergency mechanism of the spring control.
 1.5 The chain stripper interferes with the gypsy: it is possible to weigh the 
        operation, while to lower, the emergency mechanism becomes operative.

1.1 Check out that immediately after the anchor there is a joint that allows the chain to  unfold 
       properly when weighed.
1.2 Remove the chain from the locker and inspect it link by link. Intervene with the  appropriate 
       tools to make it as loose as possible and free of obstructions.
1.3 Lower manually all the chain in a sea bed deep enough to enable it to unfold  properly. 
       Retrieve it with the winch.
1.4 A (SERVICE) Uninstall the winch from the boat and disassemble it into its parts by 
        replacing the spring. Take advantage of this opportunity to replace any other worn parts, 
        gaskets, screws, tabs, seeger, and oil.
        B (SERVICE) It is possible to block the EMERGENCY MECHANISM so that the gears  are 
        always engaged both in UP and in Down. This operation must be authorized by the 
        shipowner. The solution rules out completely the possibility of carrying out the emergency 
1.5 Restore the condition of the chain stripper by repositioning properly in the gypsy centreline. If 
       it is deformed. It must be replaced.


The chain jams 

Possible causes: 
1.1 The chain locker is not deep enough with respect to the
quantity of chain chosen
1.2 The chain is not suitable for the gypsy
1.3 The chain is not calibrated

1.1 Position the anchor windlass in the deepest point of the chain locker or reduce the quantity of
1.2 Change the gypsy
1.3 Check the chain: if it does not meet the tolerances, it must be replaced